Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies

Brochure, tradeshow banners

Copywriting, graphic design


Tasked with updating the trade show presence of Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies (PBGOC), the economic engine of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN), our goal was to design materials that mirror PBGOC’s current identity and ambitions. This involved a blend of capturing PBGOC’s strategic investment ethos, commitment to community empowerment, and their journey towards economic self-sufficiency for PBCN. The challenge lay in distilling the essence of PBGOC’s mission, values, and future vision into engaging and cohesive trade show collaterals that align with their newly updated website.


Brochure: We developed a sleek brochure that details PBGOC’s investment strategy, portfolio diversity, and the forward-thinking five-pillar approach. Designed to resonate with partners and community members alike, this piece effectively communicates PBGOC’s role in generating wealth and opportunities for PBCN.

Trade Show Banners: Updated banners were created to highlight PBGOC’s expanding investments, showcasing the growth and dynamism of the company. These banners, matching the brochure in tone and style, amplify PBGOC’s message of sustainable success and strategic expansion at trade shows.

Concise Messaging and Visual Harmony: The content across all materials was crafted to be both impactful and reflective of PBGOC’s guiding principles. Visually, the collaterals align with the refreshed brand identity, ensuring a unified and recognizable look that stands out during trade events.

Our Work

Trade Show Banners