We are not spin doctors, copy-and-pasters, vanity metric lovers, over-promisers, or “yes” people. We’re a dynamic, gutsy, award-winning communications firm without walls (or fear).

Meet our founders and team.

We’re ready to create some symmetry when you are!

We use communication and public relations strategies to build relationships – between our business partners and the publics they serve – to boost trust, drive measurable business outcomes, and strengthen communities.

Why Choose Us

We aspire to build more trust, drive more engagement, and deliver more value to you, our partners. We believe wholeheartedly that two-way symmetrical communications between organizations and those they serve will lead to more connected, caring, and responsible communities and to better business outcomes.

Communication Excellence

  • We’re international award-winning communicators
  • We’re led by ISO-certified Communication Management Professionals
  • We’re professional association leaders and PD junkies
  • We’re data and outcome driven, with a focus on research and measurement

First Nation & Saskie Proud

  • We’re majority Indigenous-owned
  • We have local roots and remain based in Saskatchewan
  • We’ve long partnered with Indigenous communities and organizations
  • We have a local and Indigenous Collective member and supplier preference

Community Invested

  • We sponsor community causes and initiatives that align with our values
  • We invest our time in education opportunities for our partners