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IDEA & Indigenous Training Sessions

Our IDEA & Indigenous training takes you through diversity and inclusivity topics, with a focus on Indigenous relations and culture in Canada. Led by our team, these engaging programs include insightful learning, hands-on activities, and storytelling. They aim to build respect and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. It’s a great chance to learn, develop, and join a community that values diversity at work and in life.

Group Planning and Creative Process

Our workshops mix creativity, strategic planning, and Indigenous insights to boost energy and inspire teams. We help teams break from the usual, think together in new ways, and come up with fresh ideas. Our sessions are customized to meet your group’s needs. We combine old and new ways to help everyone communicate better and share ideas. Our goal is to give you a clear plan, a more united team, and the tools you need to keep growing and applying what you’ve learned.

‘Above the Fold’ Media Training

Our media training teaches leaders how to communicate confidently and effectively. Our team leads the training, which explains the media landscape, how to create trustworthy messages, and how to ace interviews. In a practical, half-day session, you’ll practice on camera and get instant feedback. We focus on delivering your main points, improving how you speak, and using the right body language. This detailed training is perfect for getting better at talking to the media, public speaking, and communicating in general, all while being tailored to what you need and want to achieve.

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“Ben was a great presenter, and I wish I could do more sessions with him! I’m a bit of a nerd, but the information about rhetorical tradition and Critical Race, Feminist and Queer Theory really made me want to get back into reading and learning.”

— The IDEA-informed Communicator training participant

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Training

Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

“The media training was excellent. Great to practise the messaging and it’s been easier and easier to stay on message since the training… No questions from media have taken me by surprise because I felt so well prepared and we covered all potential questions that might come from interviewers. It is clear Ben and Melody put lots of research and thought behind potential angles and lines of questioning.”

— Nick Sackville

Media Training

Nick Sackville Media Training

Federated Cooperatives Limited Brand Day

We delivered the opening keynote for FCL’s Brand Day, presenting “BRAND: Building Meaningful Partnerships,” to a room of more than 200 FCL senior leaders and team members across the organization, to a resoundingly positive reception and feedback

Keynote Speakers

Federated Cooperatives

MediaValet – TRC: Why and Now What?

“It was a powerful, personal – and practical talk, with tips on what we can be doing as a business to meaningfully contribute to reconciliation. It’s one that I will carry with me for years to come and I can’t thank – and recommend – Symmetry highly enough.”

Indigenous Awareness and TRC Training

— Sarah Laughlin, VP People & Culture at MediaValet