Our Story

Symmetry was founded with a misfit spirit that demands we’re not:

Corporate puppets. Spin doctors. Copy-and-pasters. Vanity metric lovers. Over-promisers. Sheeple.

So who are we?

We’re friends and colleagues with a long history of working together. But more importantly, we’re gutsy, award-winning ISO certified Communication Management Professionals.


We approach our work with intelligence and a data-driven mindset. We focus on research and measurement and outcomes over outputs – connecting our communications and public relations work to our customer’s bottom line.


We approach our work with a “turn it upside down” attitude. We love partnering with people and organizations that like to shake things up. We’re eager to take on a challenge and not afraid to try new and creative approaches to get results.


We like to say that we are communications professionals on paper, but relationship builders at heart. Our work is based on the two-way symmetrical model of public relations that emphasizes the communicator being a scientific and fact-based agent; and acting as a liaison between organizations and their audiences rather than being a “spin doctor” or “persuader.”