From Understanding to Celebration: Transforming Workplaces for Indigenous Success

July 4, 2023 in Insights by Ben Borne

Looking over the past few weeks it’s become very apparent that we need to keep our foot on the gas for creating safe, inclusive communities and workplaces. Unsure how to make space for Indigenous people in the work place? Here are five considerations for you:

Space to Understand

Acknowledge the intergenerational trauma experienced by Indigenous people and create an environment that promotes healing. Encourage open discussions, dispel misconceptions, and provide access to both Western and traditional forms of medicine.

Space to Connect

Establish a diversity committee/group to promote Indigenous culture and provide opportunities for connection. Offer elder counselling, raise awareness of mental health, and designate a cultural space within the workplace.

Space to Learn

Conduct training on gender diversity, inclusion, anti-harassment, and addressing micro-aggressions. Encourage ongoing education through book clubs and maintain open conversations to promote allyship.

Space to Be

Implement mentorship and sponsorship programs, establish employee resource groups, and promote flexible work arrangements. Develop gender-inclusive policies and practices to support Indigenous employees.

Space to Celebrate Diversity & Culture

Commemorate important Indigenous dates, such as National Day for Truth & Reconciliation and National Indigenous Peoples Day. Foster cultural appreciation through events and recognizing diversity through awards.

By creating these spaces, corporations can foster understanding, connection, learning, and celebration of Indigenous culture. This enables the development of inclusive workplace practices, providing support for Indigenous employees to thrive and contribute their unique perspectives and talents.

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