See it and believe it: AI imagery is here

July 11, 2023 in Responsibility by Ben Borne

Face it – AI is taking marketing imagery by storm.

For some folks this is exciting, and for others it’s concerning. Why? First, it’s a tad freaky, it has some ethical concerns – and quite frankly, it has its limitations. No matter your feelings on it – AI imagery is here. If you’re not using it already…it’s time to start experimenting. Here are few ways to use it – and some limitations to consider.

Idea Generation

Picture this: AI swiftly generates mind-blowing images that are as unique as a unicorn riding a rainbow. With generative AI, communications and creative professionals can effortlessly explore artistic directions that will make eyes pop. It can help build initial concepts and ideas for creative projects in a short period of time. For me, it’s all about being able to play with images, backgrounds – letting the creative side of me flourish.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Here’s the deal. We fundamentally believe in the strength, passion, vision and inspiration that creatives bring to the table – this is something AI cannot deliver. If you want an absurd image of your staff members dressed for the circus for social – it has your back. Need to quickly swap out a background on your CEO’s headshot? Go for it. Generative AI can help automate aspects of the creative process giving you more time to add strategic value to your work (and perhaps sneak out to get a iced latte to defeat the summer heat).


Let’s be real – generative AI imagery isn’t a flawless graphic design guru like our friend Trevor Wall. Sometimes, it will conjure up visuals that leave you scratching your head and saying, “Ummmm….okay wow – no thanks.” That’s where the creative person needs to step in and provide oversight to ensure the brand stays on point.

If used well, generative AI imagery empowers creatives to unleash their potential and streamline their workflows. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility—understanding the limitations and adding a touch of human finesse will always be the secret sauce to hitting it out of the park with your content.

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