What We Do

We specialize in strategic communications planning and execution, communications research and measurement, media relations, media monitoring and training, digital marketing strategies, brand development, and more.

Marketing & Communications

    • Primary qualitative and quantitative data collection, including surveys, online forums, focus groups, interviews, and participant observation
    • Secondary data collection from existing sources
    • Environmental scanning to inform issues and crisis management planning
    • Research and data analysis
    • Communications and marketing campaign analysis

    • Strategic Communications and Marketing Planning 
      • Corporate and non-profit communication strategies
      • Digital communication and marketing strategies
      • Corporate social responsibility strategies
      • Crisis and issues management planning (Clean up in Aisle 4!)
      • Media relations strategies

    • Brand development
    • Short and long-form writing, editing (including sensitivity editing), and proofreading
    • Social media content creation and monitoring
    • Media pitching and monitoring
    • Email marketing

Training & Coaching

  • Have us prepare you for the media spotlight in our media training session tailored to your organizational communications needs. First, you’ll learn about the media’s expectations, needs, self-interests, and the logistics of conducting an interview. On top of that, you’ll take away tips to express your message clearly and succinctly, learn techniques to help stay on message, and other helpful takeaways to make sure you present your best self during the interview.
  • If you dread getting behind the microphone when it’s your turn to speak publicly – then this is the coaching designed for you. We have extensive experience and training to help coach public speakers in delivering impactful words from behind the microphone. Our custom coaching sessions will teach the core principles of effective public speaking including types of speeches, speech structure, strategies to manage the nerves – which will all build the confidence you need to make an impact on your audience.

Collective Services

We engage our Symmetry Collective members to provide additional project support in these areas:

  • Public Engagement & Participation
  • Public Opinion Research (broad audiences)
  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development