Indigenous Advisory Council for CN

Final Report and Resignation

Media relations, issues management planning


Our team worked closely with the former Indigenous Advisory Council (IAC) for CN Rail (Co-chaired by Hon. Murray Sinclair and Ms. Roberta Jamieson) to deliver the Council’s annual report to the CN Board of Directors and CEO which included the IAC’s mass and early resignation. We also developed an issues management strategy and provided media relations support announcing the IAC’s resignation.


  • Annual report, which included the IAC’s resignation and recommendations going forward for CN’s TRC initiatives.
  • A comprehensive issues management and media relations strategy implemented by us. The aim was to effectively communicate the resignation of the former Indigenous Advisory Council for CN Rail.


  • 1,000+ mentions
  • 38.5% positive and 54.9% neutral media sentiment
  • Five-day media cycle with international coverage
We submitted a final report to the committee upon their departure.