Athabasca Basin Development

20 Year Anniversary Book

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For 20 years, Athabasca Basin Development (ABD) has been a cornerstone in Indigenous-owned investment across a broad spectrum of industries, from construction to aviation, in Northern Saskatchewan. As the company reached this milestone, our task was to tell ABD’s story – highlighting its journey, principles, and achievements in a 20 Year Anniversary Book. Through insights from board members and staff, we showcased the company’s commitment to sustainable business, its role in fostering community partnerships, and its vision for future growth. This narrative was to reflect the company’s mission of maximizing economic opportunities in the Athabasca Basin region with an entrepreneurial spirit, and its goal to be recognized as a leading Indigenous-owned investment company in Canada.


  • A 48-page publication marking Athabasca Basin Development’s 20th anniversary. Drawing from interviews with the company’s leadership and team, this book highlights their strategic investments, community impact, and the vision that propels them forward. It serves as a tribute to their two decades of innovation, collaboration, and commitment to the economic empowerment of Northern Saskatchewan.
  • This milestone publication garnered the 2023 Saskatchewan Award for Communication Excellence, a testament to its impactful storytelling and the significant achievements of Athabasca Basin Development.
2023 Saskatchewan Award for Communication Excellence

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