Introducing the Symmetry Collective

April 19, 2021 in News by Ben Borne


These are the shared principles adopted and practised by our Symmetry Collective. This new, novel initiative is focussed on connecting independent, socially responsible entrepreneurs, who share a virtual co-working environment and support collaboration and collective business development – all while giving back to the communities they serve.

Brains. We approach our work with intelligence – knowing our audience, and telling the stories that will make a difference for our client’s bottom line. To do this, we invest in our own professional development and stay current in our respective industries.

Guts. We approach our work with a “turn it upside down” attitude. We love partnering with people and organizations that like to shake things up. We’re eager to take on a challenge and not afraid to try new and creative approaches to get results.

Heart. We are relationship builders at heart. Our work is people-first and represents the diverse perspectives and cultures of the communities we serve. We care about giving back to our communities and supporting local businesses and organizations.

Building a Community of Practice.

Collective members work together, sharing expertise and best practices, to foster a culture of collaboration and a community of practice. Collective members are committed to the highest standards of ethics within their respective fields. 

These entrepreneurs are those in our same or affiliated industries that complement our skill sets so we can offer “big agency” results on all our Communications/Marketing projects, for example, videographers, graphic designers, public opinion researchers, photographers, etc.

Learn more and meet some of our Collective member entrepreneurs!

If you’re an entrepreneur working in the Communications/Marketing space and feel you share these same principles, get in touch. We have a preference for working with fellow Indigenous entrepreneurs but welcome all and seek to cultivate a diverse group. Participation is strictly voluntary and to foster mutual benefit between Collective members, their clients and communities.